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$PREAD Magazine -- Call for Submissions

Just passing this along, from $PREAD Magazine (a few of you are going to see this a couple of times -- I'm putting it up on Trans_Sexwork, too):



For our summer issue, $pread is proud to host a guest editorial collective of US-based sex workers and allies of color. The issue will explore race and racism within the sex industry/sex trades in the United States. How do you feel your racial identity affects your experience in the sex industry/sex trades or in sex worker rights movements? We are seeking articles from people of color of all backgrounds, including people identifying as part of immigrant communities.

Features pitches (a short 250-word write-up of your idea for an article of 2000-3000 words) should be sent to, with the heading labeled by the section in which your piece might fit. Also listed below are some ideas for the regularly featured columns in $pread; if you would like to submit content for any of these, please send us a short pitch with details. Our deadline for pitches is April 15 at the latest, so please send your paragraph-length pitch in ASAP. The content deadline for full articles will be May 10, 2010.

**Are you a new/inexperienced writer but have a great story idea and want help developing it? Send in your idea and add a note indicating that you want support.


* Features: Features can talk about any aspect of race, racism and the sex industry/sex trades. While you don't have to limit yourself to the suggestions, here are some ideas we had for feature pieces (2000-3000 words):
- There are many grassroots organizing efforts and resistance struggles among communities of color engaged in the sex industry/sex trades around the country. Let us know what you're doing!
- Who controls how people of color in the sex industry/sex trades are represented in the media? We are looking for an article that analyzes media representations of people of color in the sex industry and offers suggestions for change.

* Hot Topic: Is sex work empowering for you as a person of color in the sex industry/sex trades? (200-300 words)

* Positions: This is a “for” and “against” piece. Should sex workers play into racial stereotypes, either their own or that of another race; or mute their racial identity upon request? We're looking for someone to argue "yes" and someone to argue "no." Each angle is allotted 400 words to explain why sex workers should or should not either play into a racial stereotype or play down a racial identity at a client's request.

* Healthy Hooker: Have you been discriminated against while trying to access health care because of both your racial identity and sex worker status? Want some advice? Write in!

* Reviews: Reviews on a recent sex work related book/film/performance/etc. that deals with race. Please inquire about available items or suggest material before submitting a full piece as we may already have someone covering it. Specify your location in your reply if you do not already have the item for review. (400-600 words)

* Scene Report: What's it like to work where you live as a person of color in the sex industry/sex trades? How are working conditions with clients, law enforcement, other workers, activists, outreach teams and your communit(ies)? Although this piece can be framed as a personal essay, it should contain information useful to working visitors and not seem entirely unique to the writer. (500 words)

* Heroes: What worker(s) from racially oppressed groups have inspired you? We're hoping to use this space to acknowledge women, men and transgender people of color who work to undo stereotypes, to call attention to issues that affect the sex industry and increase access and visibility for people of color both in the sex workers' rights movement and in the sex industry/sex trades. (300 words)

* Indecent Proposal: Details don't need to be graphic or wild as much as you need to convey why the situation unsettled or surprised you. (500 words)

* News Report: News Reports should be on a timely topic, ideally an issue relevant to sex workers outside of North America. This is not space for a personal essay or op-ed; the approach is decidedly journalistic and should include important dates, names, places and quotes. (150-300 words)

* Ask a Ho: Do you have questions about navigating the sex industry/sex trades as a person of color? Send in your questions! Write "Ask a Ho" in the subject line.

* Resources: This issue of $pread will feature an additional section of resources specifically for addressing racial oppression, including in the context of organizing and activism. Please send in resources.

* Art, Photos: Send in art for this issue on race and racism! Comics, Photos, Drawings, etc.

* Focus Groups/ Interviews: We welcome interviews, and transcripts from focus group discussions. Feel free to send in interviews or let us know if you’d like to be interviewed.
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