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Porn Positive Feminists

We're Nude, We're Lewd, GET USED TO IT!

Porn Positive Feminists!
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This community is for people, male, female and all varieties of transgendered or genderfucked folk who believe that feminism and an interest in porn, erotica, and it's associated industries are not incompatible. ANY kind of consensual porn...gay, bi, straight, trans, kink, roleplay, and all shades in between. We are sex positive, and feminist with our sexuality, and assert our rights to produce, perform, employ, encourage, patronize, create, admire and also profit from porn and its sister industries. We support our sisters in the industry, and some of us ARE the industry. We are artists, activists and dreamers; we are the girl next door, the girl your mom warned you about, mothers, lovers and warriors. We choose to challenge pre-formed ideas and challenge stereotypes that are perpetuated by both the industry itself as well as those who fight against a woman's freedom to choose to enjoy displaying our sexuality for fun and profit!

As for content, this community is not limited to porn alone. Please join and stimulate and enlighten our minds and bodies with any thoughts on any kind of sexwork. Share stories. Ask questions. Complain and rant. Praise and sing to the joy of sexwork. Debate. Post sexy, pretty pictures for us to 'Oooh!' and 'Ahhh!' over. I especially encourage sexwork advocates and activists to contribute, discuss, and make announcements.

We will NOT stand being portrayed as ignorant, unfortunate or degenerate any longer. We joyously stand to represent the stance of a Porn Positive Feminist!




If you prefer to keep yours hidden, simply enable it to be seen for only as long as it takes for me to approve it, and then hide it again.

JOURNALS WITH NO POSTS IN THEM WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO JOIN. I WILL ALSO NOT APPROVE 'WANK JOURNALS' either - meaning, those which seem to be expressedly made for wanking purposes alone (and do not mention being associated with the owners 'real' journal, with entries), as I think these are not likely to be contributing members of the comm. I do, however, realize many LJers keep a sexual-interest journal, seperate from thier personal one - if this applies to you and you wish to be a member (who can view locked posts and contribute posts as well), and not just a viewer of public posts (in which you can still participate in comments, which will be screened by default, as a non-member)...then please take the time to send me an introduction and perhaps point me towards your real journal in an email communication, or through my personal journal, chaoticerotic. If I notice a non-member regularly contributing to discusssions, I will approve them as well.

ALSO NOTE: THE MOD SCREENS JOURNALS OF APPLICANTS EXTENSIVELY FOR CONTENT OF OFFENSIVE MATERIAL OR SIGNS OF TROLLAGE. If I find that you seem outwardly incompatible with this community, I will not approve your membership. Some things are said in trust in locked posts in here, and will remain that way. I hate to make this a non-democracy, but certain trolls have forced my hand. And yes, I will also ban for guilt by association. You can plead your case if I do that via email.

IF YOU APPLY AND ARE NOT APPROVED, you may contest that with the mod via email, or you are welcome to participate in public posts in the comments, as a non-member. (non member and anon comments are screened).

Since I allow non-member comments, this means trolls may be able to comment - simply do not reply to them and the comment will not be visible to others. If you do answer one and find it a troll, delete, or freeze the thread.

POSTING PICS - IF YOU POST NUDES AT ALL, LOCK THE POST. I prefer the few underage lurkers whom I have not approved or removed as members to not see them. 'Censored' nudes (with naughty bits blocked out), are ok for public promos. Any pics after the first should be behind a cut. If the first pic is large, reduce it, or place it behind cut as a courtesy to those of us with dial-up. Also, I do *not* have a rule about lj-cutting nude images, as long as they are not explicit - please don't ask anyone who does post a non-cut nude photo to put it behind an lj-cut, unless there is more than one image loading or the image size is too large (in which case, I prefer you ask for a resize OR a cut, not just a cut). If you disagree with this because you personally don't want nudes visible on your f-list, please keep in mind there are methods of having this community not show on your f-list, and that this is YOUR responsibility...this can be done via filters, leaving the community off your f-list while being a member, disabling images, ect.

PUBLIC VS LOCKED POSTS - please keep in mind, trolls can't see locked posts. Anything you might not wish everyone on LJ to see or read should be LOCKED to friends only, and it is recommnded that posts with sensitive information or personal info be 'friends only'. Anything you wish to spread around or be made available to all who come across it, leave PUBLIC.

THIS IS NOT A 'FREE PORN COMMUNITY'! We are NOT about exploitation. If you have this intent, DO NOT JOIN. If I see posts related to 'free porn' that isn't done by the model for herself or her company, if I see exploitive links or posts, or TROLLS....you WILL BE BANNED WITHOUT WARNING IF I SEE FIT.

NO DISRESPECT. Pretty simple. No flaming, no acting like mindless children, no stupidity, no verbal assaults, no derogatory insults, no acting like a jerk, basically. All such posts are subject to deletion, and offenders will get banned.

IF YOU ARE HERE TO PROMO YOUR OWN SITE- I do allow promos. I also do ask that those who do post promos limit them to once a week. I firmly believe in helping fellow independant porn creators to sell their wares. I also intend that the primary purpose of this community to be a forum for discussion. Please, if you promo here, I ask you participate in text as well...in other's discussion, or your own. Feel free to post about your experiences as well...we love to hear it!

Non-members are welcome to comment, and in the interest of a good intellectual debate, feel free to voice dissent - but please do so respectfully. I screen all non-member responses beforehand; no abusive words will ever make it to the page, and you will be reported to LJ Abuse if you do so. I do not play by the 'this is our safe space!' mentality to protect us from those of you who disapprove, if you don't act like an asshat...after all, you are wandering into a den of lions! We are fully capable of giving voice to our cause. But be an asshole and I'll be more than happy to rip you a brand new hole.

In that spirit, I also encourage members of this community to occationally read the anti_porn community, to fuel debate and round out thoughts. I do ask, however, that you DO NOT join thier community for the sake of commenting. It will never make it to public view, for one, and it is a community they maintain as 'safe space', and I wish to give them the respect that we would expect. If I *ever* discover a member of this community harrassing them, there will be HELL. Thank you for paying attention!

You have been warned! ;-D

"They handed me sex served on a tea tray, served with lots of saccharine...saccharine trust; you must learn to see that when a group discusses sensuality it becomes sexuality, and in turn sexuality becomes politics; the last thing anybody is talking about is sex and sensuality, most of all the latter."

(From 'Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!' by Mimi Azmier, which appears in the Dykewords anthology)

We're Nude, We're Lewd....GET USED TO IT!

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